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In few words about me

Opublikowano: niedziela, 10, grudzień 2017 Sebastian

Hi All.

me lampro cambelli 2012I'm Sebastian and I work at the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the University of Zielona Góra in Poland. To be precise, I work in the Faculty's Botanical Garden as an educator. Moreover I hope I will finish my doctorate in 2018 :D This website, however, concerns what I do as a self-employed "nature guy". During my bachelor studies (environmental protection) I met my future master thesis supervisor. Our cooperation led to triggering in me a fascination of nature as a whole complicated system once more. During my bachelor and master studies we ran a breeding room where we kept and bred various exotic animals. We also dissected many different vertebrates, prepared lots of educational actions promoting the Faculty, biology, science and art in some way. In 2012 I started working in the Botanical Garden and a year later applied for the PhD studies.

Taking all my experiences and dreams together I started educating people, mainly kids, on my own. Żywa Edukacja - Sebastian Pilichowski ("Alive Education") is a sole proprietary business which aims to increase awareness of nature and raise environmental attitudes. I visit schools and kindergartens mainly with alive insects providing kids with contact with living animals to prevent them from unnecessary fear of "bugs". I try my best to explain the importance of insects and other organisms for the environment. I show ecological interactions between organisms and .... many to say.

I do some other things too, for example assessment of the health condition of trees. Moreover, of course, since I work at the University, I do some science work ;)

You will find my English posts here, on WordPress (The Polish Bug Blog). Click it, let me know what You think about it ;)

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